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Low-Cost Legal Assistance

FLIC gives you LOW-COST and FLAT FEE access to a lawyer at any time.

WELCOME! FLIC distinguishes itself from legal document assistants or (LDAs), who can help with legal forms, but are not permitted to dispense legal advice under state law.

  • Get advice from your lawyer at any time.
  • We draft divorce, custody & support pleadings, discovery and declarations.
  • We provide strategies for how to handle your case in court.
  • We fix problem cases for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-service firm.
  • We assist with all aspects of immigration from family-based visa petition, daca applications to naturalization applications.
  • We do not charge unexpected fees – you control your costs completely.
  • Free service to victims of domestic violence seeking restraining orders*

*For domestic violence case referrals, you must be referred by a domestic violence shelter, a state or county agency, or be a victim of criminal domestic violence with an active case.

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(866) 344-FLIC (3542)

“We cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that we can do.” - FLIC

More about FLIC

We are attorneys. We provide legal advice, help draft divorce, custody and child and spousal support motions and declarations, fee waiver applications and financial disclosures. Our team will fill out proper forms under direction from lawyers, and provide advice on how to handle a case in court, including how to fix problem cases.

We assist with all aspects of immigration from family-based visa petitions, DACA applications to naturalization applications. Attorneys may also make limited scope appearances for clients, by mutual agreement, on a case-by case basis.

FLIC attorneys & staff are meeting with clients via Zoom. We are licensed across the State of California and can assist people in matters across the state. Don’t have access to Zoom? No problem, set up a phone appointment with us HERE.

  • M. Jude Egan, FLIC Founder & Managing Attorney, Certified Family Law Specialist, Certified by the State Bar of California.
  • Helen Zajic, Senior Attorney
  • Elizabeth Ramirez Barragan, Attorney & Associate Director

You can afford a lawyer!

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